September 23, 2012


I have been on another Dating Reality show, “Excused”. It will be on this season on CBS from what I understand at 2 a.m. Not the best time to watch if you need to get up early the next day. So maybe we all need to set our recording devices and Tvo it.

I don’t know what day yet, but probably further along since they’ve stopped filming this seasons shortly after I did mine. I was one of the 2 women who start the show and there are 4 guys (for those of you who haven’t watched it yet). We eliminate “excuse” 2 of them and then narrow it down to 1. The guy then excuses one of we women. I won’t tell you who was excused, wouldn’t want to spoil the suspense.

I’m interviewing for another dating show now. I’m rather popular with them right now and I need the exposure. The selection process is grueling and I don’t like going in for all the interviews. Acting is easier than this…

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